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Constantly taking care of the systems is essential to reduce the chances of breakdowns.

But who to entrust maintenance to?


Often the difficulty of companies lies in finding reliable and available technicians with adequate skills.


In recent years we have learned that theory is the starting point, but only practice and experience help to understand how an industrial process works and to identify  its critical issues.


In our 40 years of activity we have faced and solved various problems. For this we offer you three different maintenance services : you can choose to have all of them or rely on us only for some solutions.


The plant does not work? Our team intervenes within a predefined time. You can choose to contact us only in emergencies or for long periods: when you need, you can count on our intervention.



Avoiding that the production line stops due to a sudden failure is at the heart of every company. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is better to schedule maintenance interventions in time. Our technicians are at your disposal. If you are looking for a system with which to remember all deadlines, MMS, our activity planner, is for you.


The environmental conditions or the stress to which the machines are subjected can vary the expected maintenance times. For this we propose predictive maintenance: following a careful analysis of the history of faults, we establish new "deadlines" for checks , reducing unexpected faults.



The law requires periodic checks on plants and machinery: these are real "checks" that are used to verify that each element is in compliance with the regulations. You can choose our technicians for periodic checks: you will always be up to date and you will not run the risk of penalties.

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